Bulthaup Kitchens
A set of kitchen CGI's inspired by the stylish designs of Bulthaup.
Corona Scrapbook
Images created for 3D World magazine for a vegetation tutorial using Growfx
Artist's Studio - Still Life
A personal project to learn detailed sculpting and shading techniques to create bespoke textures and models.
The Louvre, Paris - Architectural Animation
A personal project film, my first attempt at animation to learn new skills and keep improving my skills as a 3D artist. An exploration of the Louvre Museum in Paris, from all angles to take the viewer on a journey through the elegant architecture in a variety of lighting scenarios with a key focus on mood and atmosphere.
Louvre Animation - Progress Stills
Collection of progress stills from my current animation.
Interiors project @ The Neighbourood published in The Sunday Telegraph for The Redbook Agency
Crescent House CGI - CG Record Competition
My entry for the CG Record Crescent House Rendering competition
Country Bedroom
Completed more recently (2013). A country style interior with a slight contemporary influence. I used this personal project to hone many skills, in particular different methods of lighting, texturing and also composition with a couple of vignettes to accompany the ‘hero’ shot. With strong directional sunlight seeping through the curtains falling onto bed, this piece aims to depict a ‘lived in’ ambience with strong mood and character. I’m also quite a purist when it comes to my personal work and (bar the chair in the corner and books), everything has been personally modelled as I will never turn down the opportunity to keep improving in every aspect of the trade! Since creating this scene a couple of months ago, I have decided to build the rest of the house for an animation, so watch this space! Software used: 3DS Max, Vray, Marvelous Designer, Photoshop
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