Skye 2017
A collection of photographs from a recent trip to the stunning Isle of Skye
Wildlife Photography – Chester Zoo
A recent trip to Chester Zoo on my week off, a perfect chance to try out my new zoom lens and have a go at wildlife photography!
Architectural Photography - Manchester
Selection of architectural photos around the City of Manchester
Two Snowhill – Photography Workshop
Took a trip down to Birmingham today for a Photography workshop at Two Snowhill provided by Nathan Spencer. It was an enjoyable experience, great to pick up the camera again which I have neglected of late. It was also interesting to see the difference in capturing the building through a physical camera lens as opposed to CGI, having seen the building created in 3D by the studio I work for, The Neighbourhood. Due to absolutely abysmal weather conditions my selection of images consists largely of interior shots! Snowhill was brilliant for experimenting with composition, lighting, reflection and detail which I tried to capture the essence of in the hour we were there. Room for improvement but overall relatively happy with the results and look forward to taking my camera out again soon, definitely won’t leave it to collect dust again!
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