A personal project film and my first attempt at animation to learn new skills and keep improving my skills as a 3D artist. An exploration of the Louvre Museum in Paris, from all angles to take the viewer on a journey through the elegant architecture in a variety of lighting scenarios with a key focus on mood and atmosphere.
I’ll probably render out some high res and nicely polished stills at some point in the near future before finally putting this project to bed! I certainly have mixed feelings now the project is pretty much completed. On the one hand I’m glad its finished as it has been quite an ambitious project and taken up a decent amount of my time. But then for this reason I had to spread myself a bit thin, take some shortcuts in order to get it done in less than a decade! ha There are many, many things I’d redo or improve but I had to get this finished before I got into a cycle! My own worst critic but there we go, I certainly learnt a lot in the process and that’s the main thing :)

All Painstakingly Modelled bar a couple of sculptures from online – textured, lit & rendered by myself
Directed, composited and edited by myself
Background Music: Fairytale by Ludovico Einaudi
Created using 3DS Max, Vray and Nuke for post production.

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