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The Telegraph Interiors project put together by the Redbook Agency, in which two interior designers (Sarah Stewart-Smith & Max Rollitt) were invited to re-design two spaces belonging to the editor and Assistant Editor of The Sunday Telegraph. The designers were asked to use their individual style and approach to home interiors so as to exemplify the quality of RedBook Agency’s roster of design partners, whilst we at the Neighbourhood were commissioned to bring these visions to life through CG imagery. Both compositions are set up from the same perspective to create a balanced pair designed specifically for editorial use in The Sunday Telegraph and online and to immediately showcase the differences between each space. The project required a bespoke approach to a lot of the modelling, with us needing to create the rooms themselves (from reference photos and loose floor plans) as well as a large number of unique furniture pieces. The great thing about such a brief from a 3D artist’s perspective was the attention to detail many of the furnishings required, with bespoke design, antique features, worn textures and a real considered approach to materiality. Enabling us to really get under the skin of it and play with blend materials, Vray dirt and the creation of bespoke textures. Stewart-Smith’s kitchen design is a contemporary space with a great use of colour, bespoke furnishing and an art corner to evoke play and personality. The lighting has been kept clean to showcase the combinations of colour, with an added warmth brought through with a subtle glow from the oven. Rollitt’s sitting room achieves a lovely sense of home through classic design, antique features, rich textures and warm tones. The warm early morning sunlight spilling onto the furnishings and floor in the foreground help to draw your eye around the composition as well as to emphasise the choice of warm tones from the designer. A great project to work on full of detail and character, with the added benefit of getting our work published in The Sunday Telegraph! 

For more information and imagery regarding the project please visit The Neighbourhood’s website
Materiality Example – Worn wood Dining chair
As previously mentioned one of the great things about this project was the detail and freedom we had when it came to materials, with a lot of antique furniture specified. So please find below a ‘mini making of’ the dining chair material, a painted finish with worn edges to reveal the wooden base underneath, a perfect opportunity for me to have a play with Vray blends! 

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